Waxing and Sugaring

Mieledoce SugaringWhether waxing or sugaring …. Today more than ever, people are looking for all-natural hair removal alternatives that leave their skin sexy and smooth.

Waxing & SugaringSugaring is a gentle and effective form of hair removal that uses a sugar-based paste to remove unwanted hair from the body. Sugaring uses all-natural ingredients such as sugar, lemon and water to form a honey-like paste which safely and gently removes hair from the root. While the process is similar to waxing, sugaring offers a less painful and all-natural alternative.

“I always need to look my best! Skin Fitness fits the bill!
– Mallauri Esquibel (Dancing with the Stars)


Benefits of Sugar:

  • Sugar is not heated so there is no chance of burning.
  • Sugar grabs more hair and lubricates the hair follicle while it is being applied so the hair comes out more easily. Hair has less of a chance of breaking off, as it is pulled out in the direction that the hair grows.
  • Sugaring lasts longer because more of the root is removed and there is less chance of hair breaking.
  • Less ingrowns – sugar is a natural exfoliate which removes dead skin cells. The dead skin cells are usually the culprit for blocking hairs and trapping them under the skin.

For best results – hair must be ¼ inch long (about 10-14 days of hair growth after shaving and 3-6 weeks worth after wax/sugar).


Brazilian Male (Spring special $75) $90
Brazilian Female (Spring special $75) $90
Bikini $35
French $47
Buttcrack (included in Brazilian) $20
Buttcheeks $25
Abdomen Trail (included in Brazilian) $12
Areolas/Nipples $20
Stomach $30
Chest $75
Chest and Stomach $75
Shoulder $20
1/2 Back $45
Full Back $75
Underarm $25
1/2 Arm $35
Full Arm $55
1/2 Leg $45
Full Leg $80
Nostrils $10
Ears $10
Neck (front or back) $12
Facial Hair $45
Upper Lip $12
Chin $12
Brows $22
Lip & Chin $20
Sideburns $15

Waxing & Sugaring

Complementary lollipop and/or tequila as needed!


Vadazzle Add On

VadazzleOne of Skin Fitness hippest add-ons to their Brazilians are their signature Vadazzle which are sparkly gem patterns that adhere to the skin to make a dazzling impression. These shimmering gems are a sexy upgrade to any intimate sugaring. These gems are strategically placed using a safe, pain free skin glue. Vadazzle is available to purchase separately and apply at home or the application can be done in the studio by the technician. Our signature designs range from $5-$22. These are the most elaborate pieces and come in sizes for breasts, belly button and bikini area, however they can easily be placed anywhere on the body such as the lower or upper back. We also have individual gems in a variety of colors that are $2 each and can be placed in any design you like. You can visit www.vadazzle.com to view all of our Signature Vadazzle designs.

Ask us about Mypinkwink.com A unique bleaching cream for those special areas is also available for purchase.

Sugaring Certification Workshop TRAINING CENTER FOR MARYLAND


Mieledoce Sugaring Mieledoce Sugaring Fyll Callan - Sugaring Educator


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